Health Sense- Second Hand Clothes

Health Sense- Second Hand Clothes

Scent marketing is the latest trend from the mad men of the advertising world. This is many times worse than perfume department employees jumping out and spritzing you with the latest floral fashion. Methods range from stores putting fragrance into their air systems or spraying clothing and other products.


Fashion is a choice, whether it’s visual or aromatic. It should never be forced on a person for many reasons. You just wanted that pretty shirt but didn’t want the smell that came with it. You buy the now pre-scented clothing and have to go through the hassle of trying to get it out. If you are allergic, this can pose a potentially serious health risk.

It can take 3 to 7 items of washing to truly remove chemical fragrance from the laundry. For a person who just doesn’t want the unwanted smell, this is an annoyance remedied by time and laundering. For the allergic, this imposes a health risk when they bring their fragrance fashion find home. A person without an allergy will not detect the smell the same as someone who does. Therefore the problem with scent marketing is the potential health risk it imposes and the limitations it can set for some.


2ewrxcdfWhen scents are pumped through the air system, the smell gets on your hair and clothing and can be difficult to remove. People who are allergic and have lung conditions often have to avoid going to stores, hotels and yes, restaurants too that use scent marketing! Many times people will go into establishments and not realize why they are suddenly not feeling good. Well, if you were allergic to penicillin and unbeknownst to you, it was being sprayed through the air system while you have dinner you would become ill. Same goes for fragrance. Scent marketing makes no sense when it comes to health.


The problem is that there are many people who don’t know they are using a product that is harmful to them. Also, because the chemical ingredients are harmful in general there are a growing number of customers who will not be able to use these products. This exposure problem is not limited to the purchase alone because there is a secondhand issue. One person using a fragranced product can cause health problems for many others.

34exrdfgEventually, the consumer majority using fragranced products will swing the other way, and fragrance-free will become the rage. The trouble is that industries will not take the responsibility until enough harm occurs and consumers are outraged. In the meantime, the best we can do to fight the machine is make companies aware of the negative effects from their products. In business, numbers count.